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Judah Johnson- Be Where I Be

Its been an exceptional year for Flameshovel Records. Considering they hit us with a great album from Bound Stems. Not to mention a really strong effort from Russian Circles and Make Believe. Now, Judah Johnson has returned to bring us their second release, "Be Where I Be".

The sound of the album is both dreamy and dark, with some layered arrangements and soft vocals. This is one of those albums that you put in and dont quite notice the depth of the first few times. However, if you take the time to let JJs record sink in, its well worth it. Standout tracks for me are "Little Sounds", "Jukebox Heartache" and "Seeing Things". Here are a couple songs to check out from the Detroit band, and also a link to the WOXY Lounge act they did in the studio late last week.