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Sloan - Never Hear the End of It

Never Hear the End of ItHow familiar are you with Sloan? If you are like me they have flown under the radar for a long time, only popping up here and there and barely garnering a mention here in the states. But, if you hail from Canada, you probably know all about Sloan. Their brand of power pop was legendary throughout the 1990s in Canada and were a staple on the FM dial up north.

However, the band has a tough time breaking into the good ole US of A during the grunge era that us Yanks were so nuts about during the 90s. And minus the 96 album, "One Chord to Another" are probably a band that most US folks are not terribly familiar with. Well, coming up in January Sloan takes another crack at the US, this time through Yep Roc records, who are releasing their 8th album, and most recent, "Never Hear The End of It". Its quite ambitious, although why shouldnt it be after the their rather storied history (they recently returned from a tour with The Rolling Stones), and clocks in at 30 songs.

Sloan is really the kind of pop music that we have been kinda crazy for of late anyway, bands like The Shins and Death Cab for Cutie have taken cues from a band like Sloan.