Don't give up to good music

Asobi Seksu

New Yorks Asobi Seksu played in the Cincinnati area last night in Covington, KY at the Mad Hatter. The band and decent group (for a Sunday night in Cincinnati) braved icy temperatures to get to the gig. This was my first time seeing the band live as I missed the Southgate performace from a few months back, which, according to some, many missed.

Its another example of a really great band on the way up making the rounds and hitting up our area only to see a less than stellar turnout. But, more importantly, the show.

Asobi Seksu have always been the type of band that hooked my inner shoegaze fan and then exploded every stereotype most shoegaze bands carry. And while they do have some strong influences from that genre (is it officially one?) they certainly know how to bring lots of noise that isnt condusive to much gazing. And last night was no exception, although the set was short the energy was not, and the crowd, while small, was certainly in tune with the band. There were some disspointed with the short set, but the last tune was worth the nights trip by itself.